2001 Game Keys

The following is a list of the keys to our performance in the 2001 game. The approximate value is the amount of points that each key effects our scores. For example, if you failed to pick the Yankees first in the AL East then your score is twenty-seven points higher than those that did pick the Yankees first. Picking Seattle and Oakland 1st or 2nd in the AL West, valued at 54 points, is now the most important key. Nearly half (68) of the players have it correct. Only one of the top 39 players missed on this pick.

As of: October 8th Approx. No. of

Description: Value Players Remarks:
ALE NY not 1st 27 27
Balt and TB not 4th or 5th 33 13
ALC Cleveland not 1st 12 45
Det and KC 4th & 5th -34 6
ALW Seattle 1st -28 21
Oak or Seat 1st & 2nd -54 68

most significant key- up 12 pts in last week-
 NLE   Mont last


    Fla and Mont 4th or 5th


NLC Hous and St Louis 1st or 2nd 10 72
    Hous/SL/Chi in top three


Only one of Hous/SL/Chi in top three 40 24
NLW SD and Colo 4th or 5th -10 56
Colorado last -12 2 Athlon Spts/D. Demangos

2001 Player Stndgs