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1 Maury Allen SW- NY Post 53.5
2t New York Post SW- Staff Consensus 59.5
2t Gene Pullen SW- Pensacola News Journal 59.5
4 Jerry Davis USAF, Anchorage, AL 64.5
5 Don Greenamyer VM, Ohio State Uni 66.5
6 Mike McReynolds San Francisco, CA 70.0
7 Fritz Massouh Ohio State Uni 72.5
8 New York Herald SW- Staff Consensus 74.0
9t Fred Blackburn Columbus, OH 74.5
9t Tom Albers VM, Ohio State Uni 74.5
11 William Butler VM, Ohio State Uni 76.0
12 Ralph Harris LRB&M, Columbus, OH 78.0
13 Jim Stofer LRB&M, Columbus, OH 80.5
14t Roger Pfeiffer Ohio State Uni 82.5
14t Bill Winold Cleveland, OH 82.5
16 Paul Zimmerman SW- LA Times 84.5
17t Bill Rice Columbus, OH 85.0
17t Si Burdick SW- 85.0
19t John French Akron, OH 85.5
19t Dick Bishop HNB, Columbus, OH 85.5
21t Larry Poling Ohio State Uni 86.0
21t Earl Schaeffer Columbus, OH 86.0
21t Pete Schnaufer Chicago, IL 86.0
24 George Fenton Columbus, OH 87.5
25 Red Smith SW- New York Herald Tribune 89.0
26 Dick Langford VM, Ohio State Uni 89.5
27 Harold Rosenthal SW- 90.0
28 Sid Friedlander SW- 90.5
29t Las Vegas Odds Odds- 91.5
29t Jack Ryan LRB&M, Columbus, OH 91.5
29t Jerry Bishop HNB, Columbus, OH 91.5
32 Joe Reichler SW- 92.0
33 Lyall Smith SW- 93.5
34 Ken Bowers Solon HS, Solon, OH 94.0
35t Jim Metzger LRB&M, Columbus, OH 94.5
35t David Knight Ohio State Uni 94.5
37 Ron McNutt VM, Ohio State Uni 95.0
38 Bruce Hitchcock Ohio State Uni 96.5
39t Scripps Howard SW- 97.0
39t Bill Veeck Baseball Executive 97.0
39t Pensacola News Journal SW- PNJ Consensus 97.0
42t Roger Murphy Dublin, OH 97.5
42t Jack Wilson Morrisville, PA 97.5
42t Jim Smith Chicago, IL 97.5
45t Jim Tewksbury Columbus, OH 98.5
45t Dick Kohler Columbus, OH 98.5
45t Ron Chatfield VM, Ohio State Uni 98.5
48t Larry Roseberry Ohio State Uni 99.0
48t United Press International SW- Wire Service 99.0
50t Leo Peterson SW- 99.5
50t Jay Richardson VM, Ohio State Uni 99.5
50t Dick Humphrey Columbus, OH 99.5
50t Tom Keys SW- 99.5
50t Baseball Writers Association SW- Writers Poll 99.5
50t John Miller Marion, OH 99.5
50t Dan Thompson Ohio Uni, Athens, OH 99.5
50t Jim Parker Ohio State Uni 99.5
50t Top 5 Predictors of 3 or more Years Misc 99.5
59t Lou Smith SW- Cincinnati Enquirer 100.0
59t Rick Higgins HNB, Columbus, OH 100.0
59t Joe Cummins VM, Ohio State Uni 100.0
59t Al Buck SW- NY Post 100.0
59t Bob Scholl Madison, WI 100.0
59t Overall Consensus Misc- 269 Players 100.0
65 Bob Broeg SW- 101.5
66t Terry Campbell Worthington, OH 102.0
66t Dave Sting LRB&M, Columbus, OH 102.0
66t Leonard Shecter SW- NY Post 102.0
66t Al Padgett SW- Pensacola News Journal 102.0
70 Gary Nash VM, Ohio State Uni 102.5
71t Associated Press SW- Wire Service 103.5
71t Bill Armstrong LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 103.5
71t Mike Rathet SW- 103.5
74 Roger Ward Plymouth, IN 104.0
75 Tom Howison Marion, OH 104.5
76t Jack Hand SW- 105.0
76t Ed Sinclair SW- 105.0
78t Ted Leuthold Columbus, OH 105.5
78t Charles Cole Republic, OH 105.5
80t Fred Shaffstall Ohio State Uni 106.0
80t Dick Penry Marion, OH 106.0
80t David Glauer VM, Ohio State Uni 106.0
83t Sports All Stars SW- Staff 107.0
83t Jon Holbert HNB, Columbus, OH 107.0
83t Earl Hassell Ohio State Uni 107.0
86t Ron Zimmerman Ohio State Uni 107.5
86t Jim White Otterbein Col, Westerville, OH 107.5
86t Edward McFarlan VM, Ohio State Uni 107.5
86t Doug Lucke VM, Ohio State Uni 107.5
86t Paul Ulliman LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 107.5

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