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91 Fred Down SW- 108.0
92t Jay Rudolph LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 108.5
92t John Nichols Ohio State Uni 108.5
94 Win Fuller San Marino, CA 109.0
95 Jon Ellis VM, Ohio State Uni 110.0
96 Jim Henderson LRB&M, Columbus, OH 110.5
97 William Newborn VM, Ohio State Uni 111.0
98 Ron Bright VM, Ohio State Uni 112.0
99 Leonard Koppett SW- 113.0
100 Ron Kennedy Louisville, KY 113.5
101t Roger Klingler Marion, OH 114.0
101t Frank Pulsinelli LRB&M, Columbus, OH 114.0
103 Denny Shoemaker Uni of Cincinnati 114.5
104 Dean Warner LRB&M, Columbus, OH 115.0
105 Sam Moore Canoga Park, CA 117.0
106t Leo Coughlin SW- Pensacola News Journal 117.5
106t Norman Miller & Phil Pepe SWs- 117.5
106t Bob Ball Columbus, OH 117.5
109t Ron Chapman LRB&M, Columbus, OH 118.0
109t Jim Hamilton LRB&M, Columbus, OH 118.0
111 Carl Weisheimer Columbus, OH 118.5
112 Charles Jenkins Ohio State Uni 119.0
113t Art Rush Ohio State Uni 119.5
113t Milt Gross SW- NY Post 119.5
115t Joe Durso SW- NY Times 120.0
115t Cliff Kraus SW- Pensacola News Journal 120.0
115t Fred Brown SW- Pensacola News Journal 120.0
115t Top 5 Predictors of 1963 Misc 120.0
119t Neil Myers Columbus, OH 120.5
119t Bruce Boyd Ohio State Uni 120.5
119t John Foos USMC, Camp Lejeune, NC 120.5
122t Don Hensley Columbus, OH 121.0
122t George Girsch SW- 121.0
122t Fred Soloman Cleveland, OH 121.0
122t Ike Gellis SW- NY Post 121.0
126t Til Ferdenzi SW- 121.5
126t Ramon Shealy LRB&M, Columbus, OH 121.5
128 Richard Mog LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 122.0
129 Ron Stone Columbus, OH 122.5
130t Richard Foos USMC, Okinawa 123.0
130t Paul Seigneur Bucyrus, OH 123.0
130t Tommy Holmes SW- NY Times 123.0
133 Allen Lewis SW- 123.5
134 Gerald Mast VM, Ohio State Uni 124.0
135 Jed Middleton Marion, OH 124.5
136t Dave Dye LRB&M, Columbus, OH 125.0
136t Steve Stevenson VM, Ohio State Uni 125.0
138t Charles Gruber Heidelberg Col, Tiffin, Ohio 125.5
138t Nolan Borden LRB&M, Columbus, OH 125.5
140 Harold Holcomb West Virginia 127.0
141 Gary Geyer Ohio State Uni 127.5
142t Baseball Players Player's Poll 128.0
142t Bill Huckaba Ohio State Uni 128.0
142t Bill Weiss HNB, Columbus, OH 128.0
142t Eberhard Rosin VM, Ohio State Uni 128.0
146t Gene Slagle Marion, OH 128.5
146t Glen Hoffsis VM, Ohio State Uni 128.5
146t Jerry Truax HNB, Columbus, OH 128.5
149t Larry Distelhorst Cincinnati, OH 129.0
149t Final Standings or 1963 Misc- 129.0
151 Ed Prell SW- Chicago Tribune 130.0
152 Ron Dalton Ohio State Uni 130.5
153t John Kroh VM, Ohio State Uni 131.5
153t Steve Gelman & Fred Katz SW- 131.5
153t Frank Shipley Columbus, OH 131.5
153t Bob Highman LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 131.5
153t G. B. Weir LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 131.5
158t Barry Gottehrer & Len Koppett SW- 132.0
158t Bill Swartz VM, Ohio State Uni 132.0
158t Phil Hensley LRB&M, Columbus, OH 132.0
161t Steve Snider SW- 132.5
161t Joe Hering Columbus, OH 132.5
163t Dave Howison Miami Uni. Oxford, OH 133.0
163t Phil Fields VM, Ohio State Uni 133.0
165t Pete Howison MHHS, Marion, OH 133.5
165t Bob Mathews VM, Ohio State Uni 133.5
167 Paul Grubb Columbus, OH 134.5
168 Ronnie Joyce SW- Pensacola News Journal 135.0
169t Clyde Miller LRB&M, Columbus, OH 135.5
169t Jim Chandler Columbus, OH 135.5
169t Ben Minutilli LRB&M, Columbus, OH 135.5
169t Bruce Limehouse VM, Ohio State Uni 135.5
173 Jim Huston Columbus, OH 136.0
174 Neal Longanbach LRB&M, Columbus, OH 137.0
175 Carl Messer Columbus, OH 138.0
176 Ron Rohr VM, Ohio State Uni 138.5
177t Tim Tillman VM, Ohio State Uni 139.0
177t Jim Antione Columbus, OH 139.0
179 Joe Williams SW- 140.0
180t Howard Klehm Miami Uni. Oxford, OH 140.5
180t Fred Labovitch VM, Ohio State Uni 140.5


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