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1 Ed Prell & Dick Dozer SW- 96.5
2 Jim Stofer LRB&M, Columbus, OH 104.0
3 Donald Haught Columbus, OH 106.0
4t Pete Charles St. Louis Uni 109.0
4t Paul Grubb Columbus, OH 109.0
6 Dave Lewis SW-Long Beach IP-T 110.0
7t Jerry Davis USAF, Anchorage, AK 112.0
7t Ben Armiso Albuquerque, NM 112.0
9 John Sifferlin VM, Ohio State Uni 112.5
10 Carl Longerot Albuquerque, NM 113.0
11t Baseball 1965 Annual SW- Staff 114.0
11t Roger Ward Plymouth, IN 114.0
11t Jay Richardson VM, Ohio State Uni 114.0
14 Judy Price Bowling Green Uni, Bowling Green, OH 114.5
15 Wilson Lehman Albuquerque, NM 116.0
16t Bob Hobbing & Ernie Salvatori SW- 116.5
16t Roger Pfeiffer Marion, OH 116.5
18t Dave Evans LRB&M, Columbus, OH 118.0
18t Richard Mog LRB&M- Cleveland, OH 118.0
20 Harry Sons STR, Fairless Hills, PA 118.5
21t Nick Dragics LRB&M, Columbus, OH 119.0
21t Hal Lebovitz SW- 119.0
23 Steve Laird MHHS, Marion, OH 119.5
24t Charles Gruber Heidelberg Col, Tiffin, Ohio 210.5
24t Frank Finch & John Hall SW- Los Angeles Times 210.5
26 Joe Cummins VM, Ohio State Uni 121.0
27 Scripps Howard SW- 121.5
28 John Mariscotti STR, Fairless Hills, PA 122.0
29 Tom Jordan LRB&M, Columbus, OH 123.0
30t Jon Holbert HNB, Columbus, OH 123.5
30t Gil Barker LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 123.5
32t Richard McMaster STR, Fairless Hills, PA 124.0
32t Joe Reichler SW- 124.0
34 Bonnie Shaffstall Albuquerque, NM 125.5
35t Ed McCauley HNB, Columbus, OH 126.0
35t Universal Data Processing Misc- Computer 126.0
35t Len Shecter SW- NY Post 126.0
38t Pensacola News Journal SW- PNJ Consensus 126.5
38t Baseball Players Player's Poll 126.5
40t Fred Katz & Barry Stainbach SW- 128.5
40t Frank Foley STR, Fairless Hills, PA 128.5
40t Ev Shaffstall Albuquerque, NM 128.5
43t Tom Peters LRB&M, Columbus, OH 129.0
43t Bill Markovitz Uni of Pittsburgh 129.0
43t Ron McNutt VM, Ohio State Uni 129.0
43t Bill Huckaba Ohio State Uni 129.0
47 Hal Lebovitz & Jank Lang SW- 129.5
48t Dick Humphrey Columbus, OH 130.0
48t Gene Slagle Marion, OH 130.0
48t Jack Hand SW- 130.0
51t Nelson Slagle NAA, North Long Beach, CA 130.5
51t Hank Hollingworth SW- Long Beach IP-T 130.5
51t Bob Scholl Long Beach, CA 130.5
51t The Sporting News- Fans Fans Consensus 130.5
51t Baseball Writers Association SW- Writers Poll 130.5
51t Overall Consensus Misc- 338 Players 130.5
51t Top 5 Predictors of 3 or more Years Misc 130.5
58 Rick Higgins HNB, Columbus, OH 131.0
59 Larry O'Day MHHS, Marion, OH 131.5
60 Ted Leuthold Columbus, OH 132.0
61t Gary Raush SW- Long Beach IP-T 133.0
61t William Bruce Butler VM, Ohio State Uni 133.0
63t Frank Shipley Columbus, OH 133.5
63t John Cooke Marion, OH 133.5
63t Lyall Smith SW- 133.5
63t Associated Press SW- Wire Service 133.5
63t Dave Knight Ohio State Uni 133.5
63t Russell Louis LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 133.5
63t Wendell Smith SW- Chicago Americam 133.5
70 Pete Bailey NAA, Columbus, OH 134.0
71t Bill Cassady Columbus, OH 134.5
71t Gene Pullen SW- Pensacola News Journal 134.5
73t John Dixon SW-Long Beach IP-T 135.0
73t Rich Roberts SW-Long Beach IP-T 135.0
73t Dick Foos Marion, OH 135.0
76 John Foos Marion, OH 135.5
77t Jim Smith Chicago, IL 136.0
77t Pete Howison MHHS, Marion, OH 136.0
77t R. L Harris NAA, Columbus, OH 136.0
80t Fred Down SW- 136.5
80t Jerry Reigers NAA, North Long Beach, CA 136.5
80t United Press International SW- Wire Service 136.5
80t William Clark VM, Ohio State Uni 136.5
84 Jack Wilson STC, Fairless Hills, PA 137.0



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