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85t Bruce Young SW- Long Beach IP-T 138.0
85t Dean Warner LRB&M, Columbus, OH 138.0
85t Glen Hoffsis VM, Ohio State Uni 138.0
85t Eberhard Rosin VM, Ohio State Uni 138.0
89t Howard Klehm Marion, OH 138.5
89t Dan Fronk Columbus, OH 138.5
89t Tom Voris HNB, Columbus, OH 138.5
92t Lloyd Stemen HNB, Columbus, OH 139.0
92t Harry Dutt Marion, OH 139.0
92t Ron Joyce SW- Pensacola News Journal 139.0
95 William Leonard Columbus, OH 140.0
96t Orville Hood NAA, North Long Beach, CA 141.0
96t Dick Penry Marion, OH 141.0
96t Jerry Mast VM, Ohio State Uni 141.0
96t Jack Swagler VM, Ohio State Uni 141.0
100t Tom Howison Marion, OH 141.5
100t Roger Pettibone LRB&M- Cleveland, OH 141.5
100t George Harrison III STC, Fairless Hills, PA 141.5
100t Tommy Holmes SW- NY Times 141.5
104t Eddie Earhart Columbus, OH 142.0
104t Bob Highman LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 142.0
104t Fred Shaffstall Michigan 142.0
104t Gary Shidaker VM, Ohio State Uni 142.0
104t Courtney Anderson SW- Pensacola News Journal 142.0
109 Neal Longanbach LRB&M, Columbus, OH 142.5
110t 1964 Final Standings Misc- 143.0
110t Jim McMillen NAA, North Long Beach, CA 143.0
110t Don Knight Bellefountaine, OH 143.0
113t Phil Hensley NAA, North Long Beach, CA 143.5
113t Arlin Cooper Albuquerque, NM 143.5
115t Ralph Harris Worthington, OH 144.0
115t Joe Durso SW- NY Times 144.0
115t Tom Keys SW- 144.0
118 Jim Harris NAA, Columbus, OH 144.5
119t Paul Boyack NAA, North Long Beach, CA 145.0
119t Bob Mathews VM, Ohio State Uni 145.0
121 Harold Carter ONB, Columbus, OH 145.5
122t Jim Wamsley Cleveland, OH 146.0
122t Fritz Raab MHHS, Marion, OH 146.0
122t Pete Schnaufer Chicago, IL 146.0
122t Denny Shoemaker Lakeview, OH 146.0
122t Bill Spadan ONB, Columbus, OH 146.0
127t Nolie Carman NAA, North Long Beach, CA 146.5
127t Long Beach IP-T SW- Staff Consensus 146.5
129t Jerry Bishop HNB, Columbus, OH 147.0
129t Howie Welch VM, Ohio State Uni 147.0
131t Doug Ives SW- Long Beach IP-T 147.5
131t Frank Eck SW- 147.5
131t Ron Bright VM, Ohio State Uni 147.5
131t Bob Hanak LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 147.5
135t Jim White Otterbein Col, Westerville, OH 148.5
135t Blynn Shafer Albuquerque, NM 148.5
135t Leo Coughlin SW- Pensacola News Journal 148.5
135t Mitchell Melnik STC, Fairless Hills, PA 148.5
139 John Carmichael SW- 149.0
140t David Dye LRB&M, Columbus, OH 149.5
140t Top 5 Predictors of 1964 Misc 149.5
142t R. Satterwhite Albuquerque, NM 150.0
142t John Miller Marion, OH 150.0
142t Larry Julius VM, Ohio State Uni 150.0
142t Jon Ellis VM, Ohio State Uni 150.0
142t Dave Glauer VM, Ohio State Uni 150.0
142t Richard Kohler VM, Ohio State Uni 150.0
142t Gary Geyer Ohio State Uni 150.0
149 Dan Thompson Marion, OH 150.5
150 Walter Prehm STC, Fairless Hills, PA 151.0
151t Al Padgett SW- Pensacola News Journal 151.5
151t Lou Smith SW- Cincinnati Enquirer 151.5
153t Ron Zimmerman San Francisco, CA 152.0
153t Jerry Wynn SW- Long Beach IP-T 152.0
155 Ray Shealy LRB&M, Columbus, OH 152.5
156 LA Herald Examiner SW- Staff Consensus 153.5
157t Ron Kennedy Louisville, KY 154.0
157t John Reyes NAA, North Long Beach, CA 154.0
157t Gary Mallory HNB, Columbus, OH 154.0
157t Melton Roshing Albuquerque, NM 154.0
157t Joe Falls SW- 154.0
162t Nolan Borden LRB&M, Columbus, OH 154.5
162t Ernie Ross Ohio State Uni 154.5
164t John Cash SW- Long Beach IP-T 155.0
164t Fred Labovitch VM, Ohio State Uni 155.0
164t Don Greenamyer VM, Ohio State Uni 155.0
167t Harold Holcomb West Virginia 155.5
167t Robert Dickerson ONB, Columbus, OH 155.5
167t Don Gier Miamisburg, OH 155.5
167t Jerome Hall SW- Long Beach IP-T 155.5
167t Mike Dworkin HNB, Columbus, OH 155.5
167t Phil Fields VM, Ohio State Uni 155.5



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