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1 Jim McCromack SW- Long Beach IPT 70.5
2 Tom Brody SW- Sports Illustrated 73.5
3 Fred Shaffstall Atlanta, GA 75.5
4t Gordon Shipman NAA, North Long Beach, CA 76.5
4t Duke O'Grady NAA, Columbus, OH 76.5
6t Paul Ulliman Springfield, OH 77.5
6t Larry Julius VM, Ohio State Uni 77.5
8 George Wiederaenders USAF, Anchorage, AL 82.5
9 Dan Thompson Marion, OH 83.5
10 Joe DeAngelo STC, Fairless Hills, PA 84.0
11 Jack Hauck NAA, North Long Beach, CA 85.5
12t William Reidy, Jr LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 86.5
12t Harold Bobzien Columbus, OH 86.5
14 Jim Hird NAA, North Long Beach, CA 87.0
15t Jay Rudolph LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 87.5
15t Phil Collier SW- 87.5
15t Ross Newhan SW-Long Beach IP-T 87.5
18 Ron Chatfield VM, Ohio State Uni 88.0
19t Nolie Carman NAA, North Long Beach, CA 88.5
19t Ron Rohr VM, Ohio State Uni 88.5
21 Jack Ryan Tampa, FL 90.0
22 Walt Daroshefski STR, Fairless Hills, PA 91.0
23 Sport Review BB Magazine SW- Staff 91.5
24t Dave Lewis SW-Long Beach IP-T 92.0
24t Tom Keys SW- 92.0
26t Norm Knispel VM, Ohio State Uni 92.5
26t Thomas Albers VM, Ohio State Uni 92.5
28t Fred Blackburn Columbus, OH 93.0
28t Player Consensus Misc- 335 Predictors 93.0
30 Dick Dougherty SW- 93.5
31 Ron Chapman LRB&M, Columbus, OH 94.0
32 John Hall SW- LA Times 95.0
33t Warren Crabtree Marion, Ohio 95.5
33t Martin Visser NAA, North Long Beach, CA 95.5
35t John Griffith NAA, North Long Beach, CA 96.0
35t Robert Davis STC, Fairless Hills, PA 96.0
35t Richard Secrist STC, Fairless Hills, PA 96.0
35t Tim Tillman VM, Ohio State Uni 96.0
39 Doug Ives SW-Long Beach IP-T 96.5
40t Willian Dorn Columbus, OH 97.0
40t R. DelValle Michigan 97.0
40t F. E. Hanby NAA, Columbus, OH 97.0
43t Wayne Sessom NAA, North Long Beach, CA 97.5
43t Bill Reiner Columbus, OH 97.5
43t LBIP-T Consensus SW- Staff Consensus 97.5
43t Russell Louis LRB&M, Cleveland, OH 97.5
43t Dave Glauer VM, Ohio State Uni 97.5
48 Jim McMillen NAA, North Long Beach, CA 98.0
49t The Sporting News SW- Staff 99.0
49t Don Greenamyer VM, Ohio State Uni 99.0
49t Ron Bright VM, Ohio State Uni 99.0
52t 1965 Final Standings Misc- 99.5
52t Bruce Limehouse VM, Ohio State Uni 99.5
52t Jeff Cummins Bellefontaine, OH 99.5
52t Jack Swagler VM, Ohio State Uni 99.5
56 Jim Henderson LRB&M, Columbus, OH 100.5
57 Gene Slagle Marion, OH 101.0
58t Jerry Davis USAF, Anchorage, AL 101.5
58t Steve Laird MHHS, Marion, OH 101.5
60t Joe Hering Gahanna, OH 102.0
60t Don Knight Degraffe, OH 102.0
62 John Sifferlin VM, Ohio State Uni 102.5
63t Bill Markovitz Uni of Pittsburgh 103.0
63t Dennis Showmaker Ohio 103.0
65t Allen Carter, Jr USAF, Anchorage, AL 104.0
65t Jay Gelbaugh Marion, OH 104.0
67t Dave Groff NAA, North Long Beach, CA 105.0
67t John Reyes NAA, North Long Beach, CA 105.0
67t Herb Weiskoff SW- Sports Illustrated 105.0
67t M. C. Royer Columbus, OH 105.0
71t Noel Miller USAF, Anchorage, AL 105.5
71t Leslie Gutter HNB, Columbus, OH 105.5
73t Fritz Raab MHHS, Marion, OH 106.0
73t William Haagenson VM, Ohio State Uni 106.0
75t Robert Archibald Columbus, OH 106.5
75t Don Smith MHHS, Marion, OH 106.5
75t Bob Huston STC, Fairless Hills, PA 106.5
78t Joe Marley NAA, North Long Beach, CA 107.0
78t Les Woodcock SW- Sports Illustrated 107.0
78t John Ribar SW- 107.0
81t Charles Gruber Hiedelberg Col, Tiffin, OH 107.5
81t Ann Hering Gahanna, OH 107.5
81t Jim Wamsley HS Student 107.5
81t Carl Messer Columbus, OH 107.5




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