Final Player Standings- 1955 thru 1999

For several years now I have wanted to add to the site the Final Player Standings for all of the years that the game existed prior to taking it to the internet in the Summer of 2000. I realize that many of our current players, especially those that have joined us since 2000, would have little interest in this old data and it is a daunting task as there are 40 years worth of type written data - nearly 6,500 lines of individual player data - most of it occurring before the game was first mechanized in 1986, and during some of that period the game was much bigger than it currently is.

At any rate the work began in June 2008 and we are, once again, indebted to Nelson Slagle for his help, first in deciphering the first few years, then for searching out and recreating two years which I had misplaced and for locating and retyping two old newspaper articles about our game that appeared in the Long Beach Independent, Press-Telegram back in the mid-'60s and finally for having the patience to proof read every page of data.

The Early Years were completed in December 2008 and now all 40 (92 pages) of the Early Years are available, including three newspaper columns from the Long Beach Independent, Press-Telegram and the Los Angeles Times and a 1964 letter from Maury Allen of the New York Post.

You can get to these pages using the links below or via similar links available on the Prior Winners page.

Brief History of Game Scoring








1961- 2pgs

1962- 2pgs

1963- 3pgs

1964- 3pgs M.Allen

 1965- 4pgs N_Slagle

 1966- 4pgs Hollingworth

1967- 4pgs Hollingworth

1968- 5pgs

1969- 4pgs

1970- 2pgs









1984- 2pgs

1985- 2pgs

1986- 2pgs

1987- 2pgs

1988- 3 pgs

1989- 3 pgs

1990- 2pgs

1991- 3pgs Malamud

1992- 3pgs

1993- 3pgs

1994- 3pgs

1995- 2pgs

1996- 2pgs

 1997- 3pgs

1998- 3pgs

1999- 3pgs