The Photo Gallery

In the begining...

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Nelson Slagle and Pete Schnaufer (W'57) - Nov 2005- ns

Jerry Davis and George Brett- Turkey 1977- jd

Phil Hensley, Rick Higgins (W'76/'83) and Nelson Slagle- Nov 2000- ns

Nelson Slagle, Bob Scholl & Dick Hammerstrom, 2001- ns

Paul Ulliman, Jack Ryan & Jim Stofer, Worthington, OH, Oct 2007- ns

Dave Evans, Paul Ulliman, Dave Dye, Nelson Slagle, Jack Ryan & Bill Davis, Worthington, OH, Oct 2007- ns

Judge Tom Jenkins, Marion, OH, Oct 2006- ns

Paul Ulliman & Dave Dye, Worthington, OH, Oct 2007- ns    

Nelson Slagle Crunchin' the numbers- Oct 1965- ns

The staff with Nelson Slagle- Aug 2000 just days after the site went on-line- ns

Nelson Slagle, Gerry Hamilton, Hal Berger- Aug 2000- ns

Additional Past Winners

Denny Noh (W'77) Al Manzey and Georgia Shaw- 2005- ns

John (W'78) & Pat Reyes, Huntington Beach, CA, Dec 2005- ns

Bob Thomas (W'82), Westminster, CA, Jan 2010-ns

Nelson Slagle, Shawn Dunaway (W'96) and Phil Hensley- Nov 2000- ns

John (W'02) & Atticus (W'03) Ryan. Father and son and winners in consecutive years.- ar

Tim Carman, Rick Visser, Martin Visser (W'05), Nolie Carman & Nelson Slagle, Palm Desert, CA, Jan 2008- ns

Pat (W'09) and Warren Morris (W'85/'11) and the rotating trophy- October 2009. Another pair of father and son winners.- ns

Tim and Audrey West (W'10) on their way to the 2007 MLB All-Star Game, San Francisco, July 2007.- aw

The West family with the SF Giants 2010 MLB Championship Trophy

The rest of us

The Slagles, Jim W., John, Jim A., Nelson and Jerry at Nelson's retirement in 1999- ns

Nelson Slagle, Will Sides, Blake Vasquez, Nolie Carman- Mar 2000- ns

Nolie and Brett Carman, Placentia, CA, Nov 2007- ns

Nelson Slagle, Deb Cummings, Bob Stanley & Jim Henning- 2006- ns

Andrew Coates & Bob Koller, Cypress, CA, Sep 2002- ns

Nelson Slagle, Al Julian & John Wilford, 2001- ns

Doug Slothower and his family- ds

Cam Hisel and his family- ch

Todd Owens, Bob McMeen, Dennis & Jerry Davis at Dennis' wedding- 2004- dd

Josh Sinnett and his family. - js

Dan Bacon & his family, Custer, MI, 2008- db

Dave Kuehn at Disneyland- dk

Craig & Madeline Garretson, Yankee Stadium, August 2006. cg

Todd Slavinsky at Minute Maid Park, Houston, 2005- ts

Dale & Maggy Steinmann, Trinidad, CA, June 2010- gh

Fred Cordia, Thousand Oaks, CA, April 2010. fc

Rick & Chris Kelly, Niagara Falls, NY, Aug 2009- rk

Dale Steinmann, Rick Kelly & Dan Withers, Philadelphia, July 2012- rk

Bill & Maxine Chuck, Brookline, MA, May 2010. bc

Paul Brezden and Bert Carroll, Seal Beach, CA, August 2010. aaj

AJ, Al and Jared Julian, Los Alamitos, CA, Sept 2010. aaj

Hearts Palace Gm#1 at Downey, CA, Jun 1967- ns

Reunion Hearts Palace Gm#65, Westminster, CA, Feb 1983- ns

Eight currently ('09) active players @ Hearts Palace Gm#130, Westminster, CA, Jan 2010- ns

Jerry & Melissa Slagle in Sydney, 2009- js

Johnny Podres pitching to Roy Campanella at the Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY, Oct 1955- ns

Melody & Gerry Hamilton-hb