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Class of 1954 60th Anniversary Reunion Page

The following pages represent an extension of the reunion pages that were started before our 60th Reunion in 2014. They begin with a few photos submitted by Ann McHenry Powers. Both Ann and Dottie Moore have sent their pictures from the reunion. Once the site makes the rounds and if there is some continuing interest in the site a few more photos may become available in the coming weeks. Just click on each of the following links:
  • A Prelude, some pre-reunion photos (4)
  • Friday night at the Carder Room (12)
  • Saturday night at the Radisson Hotel (4)
  • Sunday at Ruthie Pucci's Home (7)
  •  Phone home: E-Mail the host
At each page you will find a series of small photos called "thumbnails" with a brief description and a code for the classmate source of photo as listed below. Each thumbnail is a link to another, full size photo. Please feel free to contact me and send along any photos that you would like to share or want to see on the site.
  •  Ann McHenry Powers

  • Dottie Moore

  • Gerry Hamilton

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