Class of 1954 50th Anniversary Reunion

Lake Waneta Picnic Page

Ted and Eleanor Lane Brennan- jkc

 Group shot- jkc

Group shot- jkc

Boat Ride- jkc

 Group shot- jkc

Chef Don- amp

Jim Ball, Bill T, Don M & Mary Ann- amp

Grace Cusanelli Palombo, Annette Michaud Bonsignore, Mary Ann Gois McCleary & Jo Hickey Moore- amp

Annette Jakeway Mech, Sherry, Annette Michaud Bonsignore and Peggy- rk

Bobby?, Iris Kirk Rockwell, Ann McHenry Powers, Grace Cusanelli Palombo and Lynn Powers- rk

 Connie and Food!!!- bal

Eleanor & Jim- bal 


Ralph Ketchum and more food!!- bsr

Pat Wilber Rahr, Bonnie and Lillian Bennett Doane in Bonnie's kitchen- bsr 

From Dick Christman and a September revisit to the Hudson's cottage


Group on the dock- dc

Dick & Connie- dc

And here, direct from Glasgow, having a reunion of their own ...

Harry Mourhess and Geri Blackman Werrmann- Glasgow, Scotland, Sept 2005 

Sure is blue!!

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