Class of 1954 50th Anniversary Reunion

Friday Night at the Marconi Social Club

 Bonnie calls the group to order for a little pop quiz on Friday- gh

Bonnie- jkc

Annette Jakeway Mech, Jackie, Ruth Jakeway Pucci, Sylvia Howe Swain and Altie Squires Gizzo- amp

Jim & Beth Kelly Houge- amp

50 years together!!

Jackie, Ann McHenry Powers, Iris Kirk Rockwell, Sherry Rasmussen Hellard, Shirley Skidmore Palombo and Grace Cusanelli Palombo- amp

Charlie Schmidt, Denny & Marilyn Root Ostrander, Dottie Moore, John Root and Jo Hickey Moore- amp

 Joanne Blogett Button- jkc

Barb Allen Lacy, Joe Durkin, Bev Arcangeli Burris & Ruth Jakeway Pucci- amp

 David and Betty Beach Bradford and Jackie- jkc

Jackie, Grace and Betty- jkc

A small group including Bonnie, Bob Kelley, Janet Sparling McKerrow and Annette Jakeway Mech- jkc

 Fred Butler- jkc

Charlotte, Marion and Rita Clark Kottwitz Hager- bal

Barb, Ron, Mary Ann, Ruth & Bev- bal

Annette, Ellis, Ann, Bonnie and Shirley- bal

Maureen, Fred and Connie- bal

Harold Bennett & Jerry Eaton- jkc

Kenny King and Jackie- jkc

Heath Rutledge, Don Spuds West, Dale Drehmer and David Buzzy Smith, still makin' music- jkc

Annette all ready to entertain us- jkc

  The group on Friday night- jkc

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Radisson Hotel

Lakeside Picnic