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Class of 1954 50th, 55th and 60th Anniversary Reunion Pages

The following pages were originally created in the Summer of 2004 following our 50th class reunion. The original site included 113 pictures that were provided by six fellow classmates that generously shared their reunion photos with us. That site was lost in early 2008 when my then ISP decided to move the site but knew not where. The current site has been recreated from the original data in anticipation of the our 55th reunion in June of 2009. The site has been reorganized by day/location and scaled back.
The 55th Reunion pages were started on July 6th and we are indebted to Geri Blackman Werrmann for the first set of pictures. Hopefully, there are more on the way.
The 60th Reunion pages were started when Ann Powers sent in some recent photos prior to the reunion.
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  • Friday night at the Marconi Social Club (21)
  • Saturday night at the Radisson Hotel (29)
  • Sunday at the LakeWaneta Family Picnic (16) plus one
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At each page you will find a series of small photos called "thumbnails" with a brief description and a code for the classmate source of photo as listed below. Each thumbnail is a link to another, full size photo. There are 118 photos in all.
  • Jackie Kosty Callaway

  • Ann McHenry Powers

  • Ralph Ketchem

  • Barbara Allen Lacy

  • Bette Lou Sutfin Robinson

  • Dick Christman

The original web site was primarily for those classmates that couldn't make it back to our Golden Anniversary in hopes that they might share some small part of our memories. The site is dedicated to the many classmates who put so much effort into making our 50th Anniversary Reunion a truly Golden affair.

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