Class of 1954 50th Anniversary Reunion

Radisson Hotel Page

The Official Class Reunion Photo

The Names

Classmate listing for the first first two photos

Another perspective. Only Spuds missed the photo shoot...- jkc

... but he was there.

Don West and Buzzy Smith- jkc

Gloria Barber Hakes, Delores Bozick Scott, Shirley, Grace, Sherry Ramussen Hellard & Annette Michaud Bonsignore- jkc

Delores Bozich Scott, Peggy DeCamp Bush, Connie VanLoan Crooker, Ann McHenry Powers, Gerry , Millie Beisswanger Green & Bette Lou Sutfin Robinson- amp

Kenneth & Pat Wilber Rahr- jkc

Connie VanLoan Crooker, Dick Grimes, Melody & Gerry Hamilton- jkc

Bill & Ellen Cisco- jkc

Grace Cusanelli Palombo, Jo Hickey Moore, Shirley Skidmore Palombo & Rondi Tremaine Ormsby- jkc

Don & Nora Overstrom (Co55) Miller- jkc

Lillian Bennett & Terry Doane- jkc

 Jeanne & Dale Drehmer- jkc

Linda Burt (Co55) and Dick Grimes- jkc


 Grace, Gerry Horton & Russ Frey- jkc


 Bette Lou Sutfin Robinson & Harvey Miller- jkc

Peggy DeCamp Bush, Linda Burt Grimes & Frieda Diana Temple- jkc

Sylvia Howe Swain, Maria & Bob Wood- jkc

Mary Ann Gois McCleary and Sherry Rasmussen Hellard- jkc

Ernie Granberg, Altie Squires Gizzo, Dick & Welthea Christman- amp

Phil (CFA Co54) & Rondi Tremaine Ormsby- bal

Marion Omstead Babcock, Chan & Ralph Ketchum- amp

Welthea and Dick Christman- bal

The Quarterback

Kathleen & Bill Lewis w/Phil Ormsby in the background- rk

Fred & Joanne Blodgett Button, Ron BeGell and Sherry Rasmussen Hellard- rk


Reverse angle

Phil & Rondi Tremaine Ormsby, Joanne & Doug Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Burnside- rk

Chris & Frieda Diana Temple, Maria & Bob Wood, and Fred Butler

Hi Mary Ann! and Jo Hickey Moore in background- rk

Reverse angle

John Root, Don & Nora Miller, Naomi Cox DeWitt and Marilyn Root Ostrander- rk

Ted & Eleanor Lane Brennen and Jeanne & Dale, Drehmer (w/Denny Ostrander and Lew DeWitt and Nora and Don Miller in background-rk

Charlotte Bennett Seager, Marion Allen Seely, Connie VanLoan Crooker, Maria & Bob Wood and Jerry Eaton- rk

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